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Lemon Furikake 🍋

Lemon Furikake 🍋

Golden Sesame seeds, lemon zests, Roasted Garlic and Kombu Seaweed

Rice Seasoning - 18g

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Looking for a flavor punch? 🍋 The Lemon Furikake brings the invigorating kick you're craving in your recipes with its tangy and fresh flavor! Lemon zest pairs perfectly with the richness of roasted garlic. This blend offers a sweet sourness contrasting with the freshness of Kombu Seaweed and Camargue Salt.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Onigiri friendly
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In each small grain,
Tomatoes and seaweed hum,
Summer's echoes grace


Ingredients: golden sesame seeds, dried tomato, Brittany Kombu seaweed, Camargue salt, rapeseed oil.

  • Made in France
  • Compostable packaging (just remove the sticker ♻️)

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What is Furikake?

The term 'furikake' in Japanese comes from the verb 'furikakeru,' meaning 'to sprinkle.' Highly popular in Japan, there are hundreds of different furikake blends available.

These rice seasonings, crafted from spice mixtures, are primarily used to flavor rice dishes, including the iconic onigiri. 🍙