Meet a French chef with an unwavering passion for Japanese culture and gastronomy.

One fateful day, she stumbled upon an extraordinary find: a round, fluffy stuffed rice ball. One bite later, her lifelong love affair was born! After savoring a few, she found herself captivated, obsessed with this delightful triangular dish.

Eventually, she embarked on a mission to create her own. And then, a revelation struck her: the ultimate onigiri experience is the one you craft yourself. That's the moment she knew she had to share her discovery with the world!


Lyon, France

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Who said that food couldn’t be playful and fun? To me, onigiri symbolizes the act of sharing—a little ball of love and delight. With all the options it allows, from the most gourmet version to the simplest one, vegan and gluten-friendly, onigiri is fun to make and offers endless possibilities.

Cécile, founder of Kichō.