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Ginger Furikake 🫚

Ginger Furikake 🫚

Sésame, gingembre, ciboulette et Trio d’Algues

Rice Seasoning - 18g

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Bold and aromatic, Ginger Furikake is a must-have for your Asian-inspired dishes! The ginger brings depth and a peppery kick, complemented by a trio of Brittany seaweeds. Perfect for adding vibrant flavor to your colorful and delicious creations!

  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Onigiri friendly
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Spicy ginger blooms,
Seaweed whispers in the breeze,
Umami awakens.


Ingredients: sesame seeds, ginger, chives, Brittany seaweeds (Nori, Dulse and Sea Lettuce), Camargue salt, rapeseed oil.

  • Made in France
  • Compostable Packaging (just remove the sticker ♻️)

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What is Furikake?

The term 'furikake' in Japanese comes from the verb 'furikakeru,' meaning 'to sprinkle.' Highly popular in Japan, there are hundreds of different furikake blends available.

These rice seasonings, crafted from spice mixtures, are primarily used to flavor rice dishes, including the iconic onigiri. 🍙