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Onigiri kit "starter"

Onigiri kit "starter"

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Discover the joy of crafting delicious onigiri with Kicho Design's Onigiri Kit. Our kit is all about making onigiri creation easy, enjoyable, and fuss-free.

No need to be a culinary expert – we've curated a selection of high quality and ready-to-use ingredients.

With the ability to craft 10 onigiri, our kit becomes the perfect culinary activity!

 You’ll find : 

  • 300g of our premium rice
  • 10 nori sheets (pre-cut the right size!)
  • 10g of shiso furikake (a delicious condiment to sparkle)
  • 10g sesame furikake (another great condiment to sparkle)
  • 3g dried umeboshi (salted plum)
  • 1 onigiri mold
  • Your step-by-step recipe for cooking the perfect rice

And a wonderful surprise awaits for you too! Dive into the world of playful culinary exploration and elevate your onigiri game effortlessly with our thoughtfully chosen kit!

🌱 Vegan  🌾 Gluten free

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    What's inside your kit? 🍙



    Our premium rice selection ensures the foundation of your onigiri is of the highest quality, providing a fluffy and delicious base.



    Wrap your onigiri in Nori, the delicate seaweed that imparts a subtle umami flavor and adds the perfect touch of authenticity.



    Enhance your onigiri with the aromatic and refreshing flavor of Shiso, a staple in Japanese cuisine known for its unique herbal notes.


    Sesame furikake

    Elevate your onigiri with our sesame furikake, a flavorful blend of roasted sesame seeds and savory seasonings.


    Dried Umeboshi

    Add a burst of tangy and salty goodness to your onigiri with dried Umeboshi, traditional Japanese pickled plums.


    Onigiri Mold

    Craft your rice balls with precision using our user-friendly onigiri mold, designed for both beginners and seasoned chefs.

    Onigiri kit "starter" - Kichō

    The final touch

    Unveil the unexpected with our secret surprise that will for sure add a touch of enchantment to your culinary journey. Immerse yourself in the delightful mystery as you sip and savor the unique flavors of our hidden gem that will go perfectly with your meal for a wholesome experience.

    Onigiri ?

    Onigiri, a beloved staple in Japanese cuisine, is a delectable rice ball typically wrapped in seaweed and often filled with various ingredients like pickled plums, grilled salmon, or seasoned vegetables.
    Its origins trace back to ancient Japan, where people used to preserve rice by forming it into small, portable bundles. Today, onigiri has evolved into a versatile and popular snack, cherished for its convenience and diverse flavors.
    Whether enjoyed as a quick bite on the go or as part of a traditional meal, onigiri embodies the art of simplicity and the precious culinary heritage of Japan. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the deep cultural connection Japanese people have with this delightful and comforting food.