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Mozzarella & sesame furikake 🌱

Mozzarella & sesame furikake 🌱

For: Makes 10 onigiris


  • 2 mozzarella balls
  • Sesame furikake
  • For cooking and glazing the onigiri: olive oil and soy sauce


  • Place the mozzarella in the center of the rice, along with the furikake.
  • In a mold previously soaked in water, add a spoonful of mixed rice, ensuring to create a well.
  • Add another spoonful of rice, then close the mold, exerting slight pressure, and unmold.
  • In a hot pan with olive oil, grill the onigiri over medium heat. Once golden, apply soy sauce using a brush, then flip again to color both sides of the onigiri. To prevent breaking the onigiri while handling, use a spatula and lift it gently.


It should be eaten immediately to enjoy the caramelized layer, the softness of the rice, and the delicious melted cheese.

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